What we do?

widget-people-sitting.jpgThe place is a harm reduction project. Our aim is to reduce the risks and harm that can be caused by drug use.

We feel that it is important that everyone has access to realistic information about drugs, so they can make safer informed choices and decisions. We provide up to date, honest and accurate information on all drugs, and offer a number of different services:

• Information and Support – the place offers confidential one to one service (advice, info and support - face to face or over the phone).
• Practical Advice and Support - (e.g. help with filling in housing/benefits forms etc.)
• Family/carers – advice and support for them
• Prescribing - access to prescribing services
• Work with schools
• Detox - advice, access and support.
• Single sex groups - access to female/male only sessions, with advice/support on pregnancy and parenting.
• Safer sex advice and free condoms.
• Homeopathy and acupuncture clinics available.
• Many more available at InfoNation.

SANDS Cymru Young Person’s Service

What is the place?

The place is a separate, young people's drugs service that offers free and confidential advice, information, help and support, for anyone aged 18 and under who is concerned about drugs, or if drug use has become a problem.